Rehabilitation Centers for Sex Offenders

Much more is being learned about rampant sexual harassment and sexual assault, thanks to women beginning to speak out. The media is doing a good job at bringing the public’s attention to the situation, and this creates more emphasis on what should or can be done about it.

Is Sexual Harassment an Addiction?

To help eliminate sexual harassment and assault, it has to be better understood. Are those who commit these crimes addicted to sex? Or are they just under the impression that they have the right to say and do whatever they want when it comes to women?

There is controversy over this, both in the medical industry, as well as the legal profession. There are professionals who do believe that there are offenders who are addicted to sex. For this reason, there are rehabilitation centres dedicated to treatment. These are some that are available:

Marylebone CentrКартинки по запросу Clinical Partnerse

The main focus for this centre appears to be relationships, although they do deal with sexual addictions. Those who engage in sexual harassment and assault may want to determine if a facility such as this would give a diagnosis of sexual addiction. If so, then this facility offers various comprehensive treatment programs for it. At this rehabilitation centre, one can have both individual and group therapy.

Clinical Partners

This is another facility that offers sex addiction treatment. At this particular clinic, the focus is put on making the right diagnosis.

With the media regularly reporting sexual harassment and assault, and dedicating a lot of space to it, more treatment programs are sure to crop up. These may be in the form of in-house rehab centres, or at the very least, outpatient treatment programs. Either way, there is no argument to be made that something is needed to put a stop to this behaviour.