What is Changing in Sexual Harassment in Hollywood?

It appears as though many who are part of the Hollywood scene are coming forward and saying “enough is enough.” This is in reference to the rampant sexual harassment that takes place there. Recent surveys have shown that over 90% of the women there have been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault. Now that some women are speaking out about this, it looks like there are some positive changes on the horizon.

New Initiatives

Several prominent Hollywood women are being to take control of the situation. Their first step is by starting some initiatives that deal with this type of crime.

Selena Gomez – Fight Sexual Harassment and Assault

This very famous cКартинки по запросу Selena Gomezelebrity has spearheaded and an initiative called ‘Times Up’. It involves encouraging people to sign a letter of solidarity and donate to a legal defense fund.

The Effectiveness

Women, in general, have been so overpowered by these types of sexual crimes they wonder if initiatives such as this are going to have any success. While still in its early stages the Times Up initiative has at least 300 actresses taking part in it. Also, there has been about $14 million raised for the defense fund. If nothing else, this is an amazingly good start, and one that is showing it has the potential for impact.

Silence Breakers

One of the most significant changes is that just one person has the power to make a change. Just one woman coming forward in the Hollywood scene to speak out about sexual harassment is all it took to start a snowball effect. As a result of her speaking out, it gave many women in similar situations the courage to speak out.

The objective now is to keep it going. The fight against sexual harassment cannot become a fleeting thing, it must become stronger and stronger.