Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Hollywood is no stranger to all types of scandals. Some scandals are no more than publicity stunts. Then there are others that are serious in nature. In this category comes those that involve sexual harassment.

Women Speaking Out

It is common praКартинки по запросу rape victimctice for many women to remain silent when it comes to sexual harassment. They do this for many reasons. In the celebrity world, there may be even more pressure placed on women not to disclose this type of information. Partly, because some are afraid it could interfere with their career.

Recently it appears that it may only take one woman to speak out about what she has been subjected to. A good example of this is the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and how it only took one woman speaking out to encourage other women to do the same.

A Ripple Effect

While this particular sexual harassment put the spotlight on Hollywood, it created a ripple effect. Celebrities speaking out seemed to empower women in many other industries. Many of which are much less prominent than that of the Hollywood scene.

What Will Be the Outcome?

It will take some time to really be able to measure the outcome of what this new attention to sexual harassment will be. At the very least it has been a wakeup call for many men who have hid behind their power and influence to protect them from being exposed for what they are. It has encouraged some influential men to come forward voluntarily and show some remorse. Perhaps because they truly saw the error of their ways. Then again maybe because of the fear that they would be exposed anyway. Coming to the conclusion that it would be better to fess up in the long run.

It is a difficult topic for any woman that has been sexually harassed to talk about, let alone bring it out in the open.