How Bad is Sexual Harassment in Hollywood?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment has become so commonplace that when it happens, it doesn’t come as a surprise. At least in high profile locations like Hollywood. The public is becoming more aware of this taking place in Hollywood, because of two reasons. One because more women are now speaking out about it. Secondly, because it is receiving more media attention.

How FrКартинки по запросу rape victimequent is It?

According to recent reports, it is indicated that 94% of the women in the Hollywood scene indicate they have been sexually assaulted or at the very least sexually harassed.

Difference Between Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

There are distinctions between these two acts, but they often get grouped as one. It also depends on the interpretation of the law where these acts are being committed.

  • Sexual Harassment: It is comprised of requests for sexual advances or sexual favours that are unwanted. It includes verbal remarks and can also include some physical aspects.
  • Sexual Assault: Includes unwanted sexually orientated physical contact. For example, being forced to have sex.

Both of these examples are the broad definitions of these offences.

Where Does it Happen the Most in Hollywood

Many that have reported sexual harassment in Hollywood indicate it can happen in almost any type of setting. It is a common offence for those with power and authority to use it as a sexual favour to further the victim’s career.

It is not uncommon for new startup actresses to audition in hotel rooms for a job they want. In return for being considered for the part, they will be expected to perform some sexual activity. Or at the very least be subjected to lewd and unacceptable sexually orientated comments. If they resist or make a fuss about this, then they know their Hollywood career most likely finished. Many times before it even gets started.