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There are some topics that are very difficult to talk about. For this reason, they do not receive the attention they may need. One of these topics is sex crimes that involve sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The victims of these types of crimes are more likely to be women. Although there are men that are victimized sexually as well.

This site is dedicated to helping bring these acts of sexual harassment and assault out of the dark and to encourage more dialogue about it.

There is new Картинки по запросу sex crime photosand welcome attention being put on this subject by different types of media. Most of which is because of what has taken place in Hollywood recently. Famous women in the celebrity world are beginning to speak out about the sexual harassment and assault that many of them have been subjected to. This has opened up doors for many other women in many other countries to come forward to speak about their experiences with this.

This site focuses on three important elements concerning sexual harassment and assault.

We have a section that talks about the problems of these types of crimes. The intent of this is to create more awareness of the issues.

Another section deals with what is specifically taking place in Hollywood. It is hoped that this section will act as support for the cause here.

The section here on rehabilitation centres for these sexual infractions has the purpose of delivering hope and encouragement for all those that review it.